“For the third instalment of Pat Fisher’s Foundations of Style, we dive into the issue of the body and its connection to creativity, or the stagnation of creativity, in BMX.  Though ideas regarding gender are evolving in the world at-large as well as in BMX, there is much to be unpacked and discussed when it comes to this important and dominant way of categorizing and organizing society and its cultural subsets, i.e. BMX.  In this well-cited and very direct piece, Pat argues that creativity can thrive only if we recognize that we have narrowed the definition of BMX unnecessarily by unofficially mandating the youthful male body as the only tool by which BMX should be practiced.  This piece concludes with a series of tips for evolving BMX and our interpersonal relations in hopes of cultivating a more inclusive, open, and creative community.”

~Imprimatur BMX

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