Thriving In Decay to premiere at Premises Park in Tucson!

That’s right, Building Gnarnia’s second major installment is being released May 5th at Premises Skatepark!  What started as a ride edit teaser has grown into a short documentary (hence no longer being labelled as “Project Teaser #2).  It’s subject is the history of BMX and skateboarding, and the influence which large-scale cycles of decay have played on their development.  This macroeconomic analysis of BMX and skateboarding is told simultaneously through commentary and the riding/skating itself.  I guarantee that it’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever seen – Hope to see you there!

instagram pic

New Website!

Woot!  I made a website!  Still in a very rudimentary state, but it’s up… Hopefully soon my primary domain name will kick in ( so I can get rid of the “.wordpress” part…

In the meantime, hope you enjoy what I’ve got posted so far!