“5 Studies”

  “Five Studies” examines the use of positive and negative space, illuminating how different movement styles (including but by no means limited to biking) conceptualize space in their own unique ways.  This points to new style paradigms and a refined goal: To maximize the use of both positive and negative space through a movement of…

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Thriving in Decay

Interweaving movement and narrative, “Thriving in Decay…?” examines the relationship between large-scale cycles of decay and the historical development of BMX and skateboarding.  Having a solid understanding of how BMX and skateboarding have been influenced in the past is crucial for their future development, since popular over-simplifications can easily lead participants astray from addressing those…

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Southwest regional annual flatland BMX gathering.  Next Tangent Jam will be sometime this spring – stay tuned!  

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Other Riders

Videos I’ve made for other riders…   An inspiring message of recovery from Gary Knecht.   A night session with Bud Garso:   And a quick progression edit for Matthew Hartley.  Fun times!  

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